Hollywood actors who are also singers

Their talent is unmatched and waiting to be seen

To be in the entertainment business and be the master of all the trades is a unique quality in itself. However, among the plethora of actors out there, not everyone is a complete package and the ones who do have a lot to give. It is a gift from mesmerizing the audience with their charm on-screen to going behind the mike and singing in absolute rhythm. So here is a list of a few such actors from Hollywood who are a complete package of acting and singing and who have not shied away from putting all their talent on display.

Kate Winslet

An actor of excellence at par, Kate Winslet knows how to kill it with her expressions and wit as an actor and how to slay it with her singing. The Oscar-winning actress in 2001 recorded a song called ‘What If’ for the animated film Christmas Carol: The Movie, which is a British live-action-animated film based on Charles Dickens’s 1843 classic novella A Christmas Carol. This musical by Winslet was also released as a music video. The song reached No. 1 in countries like Austria, Belgium, and Ireland and also won the 2002 OGAE Song Contest.

Gerard Butler

Butler’s musical career started in 2003 when director Joel Schumacher was looking for the principal cast for his upcoming film The Phantom of the Opera, which is a film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same name. Schumacher wanted Butler to play the tutorial character, but since the actor didn’t have musical experience other than singing in a rock band, he immediately began taking singing lessons. That is how Butler started his singing career, and for his performance in the film, Butler received mixed reviews and was nominated for a Satellite Award for Best Actor.

Kristen Bell

The actress is best known for her singing abilities with her mesmerizing musical performance as Anna in Frozen. Bell started her acting career well in her days of studying musical theatre at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts. In 2001, she made her Broadway stage debut as Becky Thatcher in the comedy musical The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, followed by acting in a Broadway revival of The Crucible.

Emma Stone

The bubbly and laughter-filled actress first made her singing abilities known with her appealing performance as Mia, an aspiring actress, in the romantic musical La La Land when she played Mia, an aspiring actress. Though she doesn’t have a prior singing experience, what caught the director of La La Land’s attention was her nonchalant singing in a 12-week run of Cabaret on Broadway.

A few others are Meryl Streep and Renée Zellwegger.

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