Hollywood: Sequels of Iconic Movies you Never Knew Existed

Not all sequels of cult movies do well. Many have not been able to match the expectations of the critics, cast and viewers at the box office.

There are some movies in Hollywood that have attained a cult status owing to their excellent direction, cast and storylines. Their success has been so inspiring that the makers decided to make sequels to the iconic originals. However, the sequels failed to stoke the interest of the masses and didn’t quite live up to their expectations.

Here’s a list of some of the movie sequels that you’ve forgotten all about.

Bambi II

Bambi, released in 1942, was one of the most iconic animated drama movies from Disney’s stable. Its sequel Bambi II, released 64 years after the prequel, fell seriously short of the original. It was described by critics as being an “unremarkable sequel” having a “heartwarming storyline.”

Staying Alive

Released in 1983, Staying Alive was a sequel to John Travolta’s super hit movie Saturday Night Fever. The funny and touching prequel, powered by a super successful music score, hit the right chords with the audiences; however the sequel was panned as being a disaster that had little understanding of what made the prequel work.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

An adaptation of Tim Burton’s book of the same name, Alice in Wonderland, released in 2010, gathered a massive $334 million at the box office. However, Alice Through the Looking Glass failed to recreate the magic and could only manage $77 million.

Mean Girls 2

Sequel to the “refreshingly honest” 2004 hit film Mean Girls, Mean Girls 2 was trashed by critics as being a thinly-veiled, low-budget copy. The film left the box office without a trace and is a forgettable affair that most of us have forgotten all about.

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Released five decades after the original Disney classic “Cinderella,” Cinderella II: Dreams Come True was an unnecessary sequel that shouldn’t have been made. While the film did rake in over $120 million, it received a very negative feedback from the critics and viewers.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Even though the movie opened to decent box office numbers, it didn’t quite live up to the hype and expectations that originated after the first movie in the series. The film was considered to be more entertaining but failed to find a deeper resonance.

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