Home décor hacks to make a room look bigger

Just follow these tricks make that small room look huge

Well, not all people in the world can afford large rooms and huge houses. But what they sure can afford is the various creative ways that will be the smallest of the room appears bigger than it is. All you need are a few clever unique interiors design-inspired tricks to make a room look bigger.

One doesn’t need to renovate or knock down walls to make a room bigger but visual tricks can do wonders. Right from choosing the wall colours, placing objects, sizing of curtains, decluttering to getting rid of things that no longer serve you are more than enough to make a room appear bigger. Here are a few techniques, just follow them and get inspired.

Install mirrors
Mirrors are great in bouncing light around the room, especially when placed across from a window. For small rooms and particularly the ones with few windows or little natural light, it makes them bright and open. Try and install a tall rectangular mirror giving the illusion of a room beyond the room, in a cramped kitchen place one behind the sink giving the impression of a window.

Furniture placement
It is a general notion of placing the huge pieces of furniture all across the room, especially placed tightly against the wall. However, avoid the temptation of lining up all of the furniture along the walls in the hopes to show off the empty space in the middle of the room. This will only make the room look awkward. Instead, place a coffee table or side chair, to create a natural flow.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains
Yes, no more hanging the curtain along with the height of the window. If decorating a small bedroom or living room, take long curtains, and to maximize the ceiling height, make the curtain rod set up near the ceiling rather than on top of the window frame. Place panels long enough to either just reach the floor or that flow onto the floor about two or three inches.

Hanging décor
Instead of placing your decorative items around the corner or in the center of the coffee table, introduce decorative accents up near the ceiling. This will help draw the eye up, making the ceilings feel higher than they are. It can be a hanging plant or a suspended lantern or just a cute item hanging from the ceiling down.

Just incorporate these smart design moves, colour techniques, furniture arranging, mirror placement and creative lighting design can fool the eye and make interiors seem much more spacious than they actually are.

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