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Home remedies that actually work

Don’t worry; these remedies have got you covered!

Simple treatments produced with everyday household objects to treat and cure diseases are known as home remedies. They are highly safe, effective, and inexpensive. The ancestors pass these down to the following generation. Even though some of them are not medically validated, these cures have never failed to work. Not just that, a few of them are more effective than the medications we take. Our forefathers and mothers knew more about our world more than we do. So, let’s take a brief look at some home treatments that work brilliantly.

Pencils as a remedy

Believe it or not, pencils can provide relief to headaches! Jaw muscle clenching out of stress might cause a headache. When people are stressed or anxious, they pay more attention to their teeth, so they get headaches. You can treat it by chewing a pencil placed between your teeth. This will help to relieve headaches by relaxing the muscles in your jaw.

Vinegar is effective in treating swimmers ears.

Nothing can ruin a fantastic day at the beach like returning home with a swimmer’s ear. Put vinegar in your ears when you face this. The acidic qualities of vinegar can eliminate the bacterium that causes swimmer’s ear, restoring your sense of self. Simply take some white vinegar, dilute it with purified water, and drop three drops into the infected ear three times a day until the problem goes away.


When suffering from a migraine, most people seek out a dark spot to get some relief. Ice can help you break free from your seclusion while also reducing migraine pain. Apply some ice to the back of your neck or your temples for around 15 minutes for some great relief. This will take your mind off the pain of your migraine while also numbing the nerves that transmit pain signals. It will assist in reducing the discomfort too. Isn’t it intriguing? Your grandparents weren’t joking when they said that!

Say bye to hiccups with sugar.

Yes, we’re serious. This age-old tip will stop the hiccups dead in their tracks. The explanation for this is that “hiccups” are diaphragm spasms. Thus a spoon of dry sugar will throw off the nerve muscles and relieve their irritation. Oh, wait! We almost forgot to mention that the rumours about sugar are correct. Don’t overdo it because diabetes isn’t something to play with. Too much of anything is not good!

Riya Banerjee

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