Home remedies to get rid of tan

It may look impossible, but these remedies are effective

The sunlight is a natural and an important source of Vitamin D for the body to be consumed. But it is the same sun whose over-exposure can lead to certain problems. While the sun can dehydrate the body leaving you parched and rising the body temperature, it can also cause skin irritation and a lot of tanning leading to skin problems like dark spots and hyperpigmentation. These harmful UV radiations strip the skin of its natural moisture and eventually making it appear pale and dull. So the best way to avoid this tan and skin irritation is by being diligent and you can also try these home remedies to get rid of the tan.

Lemon juice and honey
In a bowl extract lemon juice and add some honey to it. Apply the mixture on your skin and let it stay for 30 minutes before washing off. To make the pack more effective add some sugar to the lemon juice and honey, making it into a scrub. The addition of sugar will further aggravate the removal of tan and will also slough off the dead cells from the surface. For people with oily skin don’t let the honey stay on the face for longer.

Coconut milk
In a bowl take some coconut milk and in it soak a cotton ball then gently dab it all over the face. Leave the milk on the skin till it is absorbed into the skin or dries out completely. Then wash it off. The coconut milk is nourishing, highly hydrating for the skin and the vitamin C and mild acids present activate tan removal.

Yogurt and tomato
Tomato being rich in antioxidants helps brighten the skin and yogurt containing lactic acid softens the skin. So take a raw tomato and remove its skin. Put it in a blender and add one-two tablespoons of yogurt. Once the paste is made, use this on the tan portion and let it dry. Wash and see the change.

Potato juice
Foryears potato juice has been used to lighten the dark circles around the eyes. Not only is the potato juice naturally soothing, but it has also long been known as a potent bleaching agent. Grate one raw potato and squeeze it to extract its juice. Without mixing anything into this juice apply it directly onto your skin to get rid of the tan. If that is a task, you can also use thin potato slices on your eyes and face. Keep them on for 10-12 minutes and then wash them off once it dries.

You can also, use honey and papaya pack for the tan and also pineapple pulp and honey mask.

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