Homemade Concoctions for Monsoon Illnesses

DIY hacks for surviving monsoon woes

Seasonal health issues abnormally spike during monsoon, bogging down even the healthiest, and often compels many to purchase over-the-counter meds. The ailments might include stomach ache, fever, influenza and cough with a host of accompanying symptoms—nagging and most excruciatingly painful.

DIYs are a relief for they bring to us a plethora of effective remedies without any side effects or splurging on doctor visits. You could easily concoct one for instant relief instead of rushing to the nearest clinic.

Kadha Tea, a Mood Lifter

The ingredients include:



Cinnamon powder


Tulsi leaves


When brewed into a cup of steaming hot tea, kadha boosts immunity, treats cold and respiratory troubles, detoxifies the body, aids digestion and improves overall physical wellbeing.

Each herb which is added to the preparation carries multiple health benefits. Cloves could be added not merely for flavour but oral health and metabolic rate too. A cup of kadha a day keeps away indigestion at bay!

Fenugreek Seeds to Soak the Essential Nutrients 

Fenugreek or methi is the perfect antidote to all chronic diseases and could revive your health without any accompanying meds. For indigestion, fever and sore throat, you could resort to chewing fenugreek seeds, soaked overnight, early in the morning and on empty stomach. Powdered methi sprinkled on warm milk or water at night is a traditional household infusion.

Ginger, a Wholesome Monsoon Toolkit 

Simply slice a few pieces to add to hot water while making tea, curries, morning smoothies, soup or even cookies and cakes to bask in the goodness that ginger offers. As a natural immunity booster, you are certain to steer clear of monsoon maladies.

Besides, ginger relieves respiratory tract congestion rendering itself relevant for curing cold and allergies that monsoon brings. Owing to its anti-inflammatory elements, you breathe easy while soothing stomach troubles.

Ginger, Lemon and Honey Tea

Another variety of kadha, ginger, lemon and honey medley provides an immediate relief from indigestion nausea—easily triggered by binge-eating spicy during monsoon. The anti-inflammatory properties ease contractions and pain while remedying nasal congestion and bowel movements.

The infusion looks after the function of vital organs including heart, kidney and gut. A soothing and therapeutic drink, you could consume it before hitting the bed.

Apple cider vinegar when added to lukewarm water is a lesser-popular but equally potential drink to prevent monsoon maladies. Getting plenty of rest besides maintaining a nutrient-rich diet is key to survive well the flu season.

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