Homemade perfume: How to make your own perfume?

Even a whiff of the best fragrance or perfume can make your day magical.

If you are among those who are wondering how to make perfume at home, then here are some easy steps to get you covered. And always a woman’s signature fragrance should be her own and instantly recognizable.

DIY perfume with essential oils

What do you need: 2 tablespoon carrier oil like jojoba or anything of your preference and then use 6 tablespoons of vodka, 2.5 tablespoon of bottled water, and 30 drops of essential oil ( 15 for middle notes, 9 for top notes, and 6 for base notes), small filter, coffee filter and lastly 2 clean and dark glass jars or bottles with airtight lids.

Steps to make your own perfume: pour your choice of essential oil into one of the glass bottles. Add base, top then middle top notes, after adding notes pour alcohol, secure the lid and let that perfume settle for straight 48 hours without any disturbance. Once it gets settled and you get satisfied with the strength of the scent, add water then shake it well for a straight 1 minute. Use the filters you kept aside and funnel in order to transfer the scent to the other bottle.

DIY Perfume with flowers

What you need: Take 1 or ½ cups of the chopped flower of your preference, a medium-sized bowl with an airtight lid, 2 cups distilled water then cheesecloth, a small saucepan, washed as well as sterilized, a glass bottle with an airtight lid or stopper.

Steps to make your own perfume: First, wash your flower petals gently, remove dirt with water, and nextly soak the flowers overnight in a bowl wrapped with cheesecloth and cover it with a lid. Then squeeze the pouch of flowers over a saucepan, then extract the flower-scented water and then simmer over low heat until and unless you are left out with a teaspoon of liquid. After the previous process, pour cold water into that liquid, bottle it up, and leave it to set overnight.

DIY perfume with Jasmine

What do you need: Take 2 tablespoons of vodka, 1 tablespoon of orange blossom water, or distilled water. 30 drops of jasmine essential oil, 5 drops of vanilla, and 5 drops of lavender. A glass bottle and cheesecloth at the end

Steps to make your perfume: Mix essential oil and blend with vodka in a glass bottle, after that leave the mixture to settle for two days then add distilled water to mix it well by shaking it gently. Leave that mixture for about 4 weeks in a cool and dark spot. If by any chance you notice any sediment, take a cheesecloth strain through it and pour the perfume into a spray bottle.

Even a whiff of the best fragrance or perfume can make your day magical by giving you an awesome experience, and a little goes a long way.


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