Homemade Summer Drinks To Stay Productive

Hygienic yet healthy beverages to help you travel the extra mile!

Homemade beverages are healthy alternatives to caffeinated drinks that we tend to gulp down in summers triggering sugar rush and excess caffeine build-up. This summer, say no to aerated drinks and stay hydrated by sipping on some lip-smacking, east-to-make summer drinks.

Aam Panna: An easy-peasy concoction of mangos, aam panna needs raw mangos, water, pudina or mint, salt and sugar. On two separate pans, boil the sugar and minced mangos. Let the slices cool and grind. Pour the sugar syrup on the mango slices, add salt, mint or basil. Cook till the mango pulps are fully dissolved. Refrigerate it and drink at your own pace whenever you feel scorched by the blazing heat. The anti-depressant elements and high water content panna is perfect for people wobbly with tech fatigue and long work hours.

Buttermilk:Besides calming your mind and body, buttermilk is rich in calcium and minerals and quickens digestion. Preparing buttermilk from curd is pretty easy. Add some water to the curd and blend till it is a uniform mix. For seasoning, the options of adding black salt and roasted cumin, green chillies, curry leaves and crushed ginger are available too. You may give flavouring a toss, and slurp the simple curd-water blend!

Coconut Water:The goodness of coconut for hair, skin, nails and our body is immense. Since packaged coconut water is replete with additives, for a quick drink, blend the fine slices of coconut. Scrape off the coconut meat before you put them into the grinder. Add mint, honey and lemon juice for taste. Et voila!

Lemonade:Lemonade has plenty of Vitamin C, and prevent kidney stone formation which has high propensity to wreak havoc in summer. To stir the tastiest lemonade, pour some lemon juice into a glass of water and add a pinch of sugar. Variations of pineapple and strawberry lemonade make people go gaga over this jar of heaven. To spruce up the drink, try adding cumin, watermelon juice or frozen blueberries.

Watermelon Juice:To help your frayed nerves, try watermelon juice and give a healthy glow to your hair and skin. The juice furnishes you with tonnes of energy, has anti-ageing properties, is rich in fibre and fights against asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. First, with a spoon, dig out the seeds before grinding the pieces into a smoothie. Sprinkle mint leaves or add an ounce of natural coconut juice.

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