Hostel essentials you must pack

Are you moving out to a different city and planning to live in a hostel? If it is so, then this is just the article for you.

Living in the hostel, you come across different experiences in life- some are good, and some might prepare you for the challenges ahead. But no matter what you experience, you will forever remember your stay at the hostel.

So as a part of the preparation, make sure you have these essential items packed in your luggage.

Get your bedding essentials. Bedsheets, pillow covers, comforter (depending on the climate), pillow and mattress (if required)- are included in this category.

Get your toiletries kit ready. Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, bath essentials, hair essentials, cleansing essentials, liquid hand wash, towels, mirror and a shaving kit (if required). You might find all these items in the nearby store of the hostel, but it is better to carry your preferred brand from home. For your convenience, you can store them in different pouches.

Get your medicine pouch packed. In it pack the essential medicines, such as- for fever, cold, headache and the ones you take regularly. Don’t forget to put some cotton, band-aids, sanitary napkins, mosquito repellent, thermometer, hand sanitiser, extra masks and antiseptic cream or lotion.

Get your set of kitchen and bathroom essentials for an emergency. Carry a set of utensils- 2 plates, glass, bowls and spoons. Also include a knife or a cutter, water bottles, liquid dish wash, scrubbers, detergent, a mug and bucket for use.

Get your clothes packed. Don’t try to dump all your clothes because it will take up a lot of space in your luggage. Pack some comfortable clothes, college uniform (if any), formal wear (if the college has a particular dress code) and some casual wear according to the requirements only. You can pack two or three-party wears for the college events too.

Get your footwear ready. Pack a casual pair of sandals, a covered shoe and a flip-flops pair.

Get some food items for your midnight cravings. You can pack puffed rice, instant noodles, biscuits, chips, dry fruits and other snack items. You can also add some homemade snacks and other food items.

Get these miscellaneous items at the end. You must include extra locks, emergency lights, candles, lighter or match sticks, an umbrella, plastics, newspapers, an extra pair of glasses (if necessary), chargers, a sewing kit, and a duster.

Get your stationery items. Notebooks, novels, pencil pouch, stapler and glue can go for the stationery package.

So, pack your bags up and get ready to set your foot on an exciting journey of life

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