Hot Stone Massage: Why it is good for your health

Hot stone massage is a relaxing therapy which also offers a variety of benefits to your health.

Hot stone massage, having been used for centuries across the world, is one of the most popular massage therapies out there. It is an alternative treatment which involves placing flat, smooth, heated stones (mostly, basalt stones) on body’s specific parts such as chest, spine, stomach, palms, face, feet etc. Some therapists prefer holding these stones and massaging gently throughout the body using them. The heat of the stones soothes the muscles and provide comfort as well as numerous benefits to the body.

Promotes circulation: During the process, the heat from the stones causes the blood vessels to expand, thus promotes circulation which refers to the increase of blood flow throughout the body. As a result, oxygen and other nutrients can reach to the muscles and tissues more frequently.

Relieves pain: The heat from the stones soothes the muscles and reduces its spasms as well as tension; which result in relieving body pain. This massage improves range of motion and also promotes blood flow throughout the body, thus eases pain such as shoulder pain, lower back pain, joint ache etc. Also, it provides energy to your body and keeps it flexible.

Boosts immunity: Hot stone massage decreases arginine-vasopressin levels in the body, which is a hormone that regulates blood pressure and water retention. This further results in boosting immunity, that keeps you protected from cold and other infections.

Relieves autoimmune disease: It is scientifically proven that hot stone massage is effective to relieve several symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. Several studies have shown that people who get this massage for at least a month, experience a decreased level of pain related to autoimmune disease.

Reduces cancer symptoms: Well, hot stone massage cannot be used as a replacement of cancer therapy. But it encourages the treatment which makes the recovery process faster for the cancer patients. Also, this massage helps relieve the pain, anxiety and nausea associated with this disease.

Supports mental health: Just like all the other massage therapies, hot stone massage also relaxes the mind and soul. The soothing massage throughout the body restricts the production of stress hormone, thus reduces stress, anxiety and depression. A research has found that people who get this massage regularly are less likely to suffer from chronic mental issues.

Improves sleep: Hot stone massage soothes the body muscles, promotes blood flow and relaxes the mind; all of which contribute in a restful sleep at night. Therefore, this is a beneficial treatment for those who suffer from chronic insomnia.

People with high blood pressure, migraine, heart diseases, fever, diabetes, inflamed skin should not have a hot stone massage.

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