House party etiquette for guests

Tips that will guarantee you get invited again

Whether you are not going to a dinner party or a summer solstice barbeque, being an appropriate guest when it comes to following etiquette is important. Good etiquettes create an everlasting impression on the host and others guests.

Social soirees might make you feel uncomfortable but it is important to remember that you don’t have to make friends with everyone but just create a good impression, learn about other guests, hold conversations, eat some good food and enjoy the company of people. Here are a few house party etiquette to follow to be the ideal guest.

Do RSVP before arriving

You have got the invite. Make sure to let your host to answer with RSVP as soon as possible. Also, if you have severe allergy to certain food, it’s best to let your host know. Offer to bring a dish to make it easier for the host.

A thoughtful gift says a lot about you

Remember: cheap and thoughtful is better than expensive and dull. A book that your host might like, a bakery item, a bottle of wine, flowers, sweets are considered thoughtful. Remember there’s no need to go broke getting a gift.

Show up in time, never before

Arriving early is a big no-no. Arriving within 15 minutes of the invite time is considered polite. In case you are running late due to an emergency, make sure to let your host know. It’s best to not bring additional guests with you if you haven’t informed the host about it.

Keep phone use at a minimum

Try to limit your screentime as it makes your hosts think you are bored and is disrespectful. If you must absolutely check your emails, do excuse yourself.

Follow the house rules

If the host says no shoes in the room, make sure to leave your shoes at the designated spot.

Interact with other guests

The whole point of a party is to enjoy the company of other people along with food and drinks. Do strike up conversations with other guests instead of waiting for people to talk to you.

Ask if you can help out

It’s always polite to ask the host if there’s anything they need help with. Maybe you can help setting the table or help them out in the kitchen. Instead of saying “Do you need help with anything?” which often invites the reply “No” try asking “What can I do to help?”.

Thank your host when leaving

Don’t forget to thank your host for the invite and the amazing food at the house party before leaving.


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