How And When To Co-sleep With Your Toddler

It’s worth knowing how and when to co-sleep with your little one – whether it is something you already do with your toddler or choose to do.

Few parenting conversations, especially the ones regarding children’s sleep, evoke a lot of judgment and angst: Where and when should they sleep, and how to get them sleeping through the night? We often label newborn infants as “good,” or not, on the basis of how much they disturb their parents in the nighttime. We often associate a babies’ sleep as a reflection of our parenting competence. Keep reading to find out more about when and how to co-sleep with your infant.

How to co-sleep safely: tips and positions

While co-sleeping with your toddler, make sure they don’t fall out of bed or get trapped between the wall and mattress. Keep sheets, blankets, and pillows away from your toddler to avoid covering their face and obstructing their breathing. You may use baby sleeping bags instead and not let other children or pets into the bed. Remember to always put your little one on their back while they are asleep with you.

When to stop co-sleeping?

When should you stop co-sleeping with your infant? As you may already know, every parent has a unique answer to this question. Follow the trial and error process to determine the ideal time for you and your toddler to quit co-sleeping. But do check for signals that your little one is too reliant on you for guidance and aid.

Tips to stop co-sleeping

The ideal technique solely relies on your baby’s requirements. The physical closeness of a mother to the infant’s crib may bring comfort to some. But the most crucial aspect is consistency. You need to determine what is most beneficial for your baby and you. Try to maintain your toughness and composure while your little one cries without you.

What kind of bedding you should use while co-sleeping

For co-sleeping with your infant, it is advisable to get a sleeping bag instead of loose bedding. You may select different togs for different seasons to maintain the right temperature. You may also pick different sizes depending on your baby’s age. It is critical for the sleeping bag to fit well around your toddler’s shoulders so that their head does not slip down.

When not to co-sleep with your toddler

It is critical for you to know that you must not co-sleep with your infant in certain circumstances. Avoid sleeping with your baby if they are born premature (before 37 weeks) or if they are born with low weight (2.5kg or less).

Good luck with the sleep training process of your infant!


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