Published By: Sougata Dutta

How Artificial Intelligence became a hot topic of the 21st century

Welcome to the age of AI, where the world is lit not by switches but by our wishes and commands.


Intelligence – this entity was given to humans about a couple of million years ago. And only to humans was this ability provided. Or is that statement lacking somewhere – something? Humans were acknowledged as what was recognized as intelligent and associated with the organ system responsible for carrying it out. And thus, the sole entity in the whole universe which had the power to study itself remained the only human brain.


The law of reciprocation: Like begets like

Before the advent of the 21st century, humans began to industrialize things since the invention of the steam engine. Such an endeavor of the industrial revolution introduced the concept of factories with which came the menial factory jobs and the huge machines, which were operated by humans. This called for the factories to be more automated than they already are. Automation is achieved when a particular machine or a set of machines can carry out a function in a self-sustained manner without human intervention.


Humans and Machines: They go hand in hand; how?

Humans and machines have a long history that dates back to the invention of the first wheel cart and the first fire lighting device or mechanism. Humans have for a long time sought the invention of an automaton – the machine that can mimic humans. And the most characteristically unique feature possessed by humans is intelligence. 

Hence when computers came into play after the second world war – thanks to Alan Turing – humans finally got the perfect thing which ran upon data structures and algorithms and hence had the ability to mimic the human brain. What we possess is natural intelligence – provided to us directly by mother nature. And so, we try and create a model of it – and since we made it – call it artificial intelligence.


The artificial glamour of intelligence: Why AI is truly remarkable

Just like humans can practically do any human job, so can an AI. This includes making art or writing beautiful lines of poetry or simply working an office job. In the 21st century, we live in an age of development and data. Companies are hiring people to make AIs and develop them to fit customers’ needs. Since AI finds its application in almost every field – like a human – most people working with high-end systems and technologies have begun to learn AI and it grows like wildfire with time.