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How can we use social media mindfully?

Using social media unmindfully can lead us to all sorts of complications and heartache.

We have to mindfully practice how we can use social media more responsibly. How we generally use social media has a major impact on both our mood as well as our energy. If at any moment, we are unmindfully scrolling through a certain social media platform, we will invariably land up on things that either inspires us or makes us feel repulsed.

Suppose we are in the habit of consuming and seeing only pictures or videos of our own friends and families and at times even strange people, on social media, they will appear to us more and more successful than our own self thus giving rise to envy within our mind and that will lead to resentment. It’s not healthy! When we see people who appear more successful than us it starts to make us feel worse, and that’s the generic algorithmic principle that social media swears by.

Such an experience will drain all our energies and will make us feel extremely weary and unhappy with ourselves. We have to confront the truth that social media is simply a little too fake!

We cannot let a platform control how we feel about ourselves, especially one that is totally built on lies and fake celebrations of fake lives. Social media simply cannot determine our own worth in our eyes.

What is the way out of it?

What we need to do is use social media mindfully and be aware about the adverse effects it has on our minds. If we operate social media carefully it can actually help us and have a majorly positive impact on our lives. Social media can wield such an influence that it can make or break us. We need to have a very clear understanding of that.

How do we do that? We can focus on our own selves. Focusing on ourselves and on things that interest us, on the very things that are in alignment with our goals can help us handle social media way better and teach us a great many things while we are at it.

What we have to actively refrain from doing is to stop comparing ourselves with others on social media. We have to stop letting it make us feel bad about ourselves. We cannot let it affect our lives negatively. We have to carefully use social media so that it inspires us to do better not to feel bad. Social media can be a wonderful tool to build meaningful relationships with people.

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