Published By: Shriparna

How can you accurately gauge how a first date went?

Instead of overanalyzing everything that happened, think about the signs that indicated a successful first date

Whether you've met your partner online or in person, first dates can be very intimidating. Before you start talking about the details of your first date with your friends, ask yourself if it went well. Instead of overanalyzing everything that happened, think about the signs that indicated a successful first date

Here are clues that indicate that your first date went well

You are comfortable in each other's company

Make sure to listen to your subconscious, as it can tell you if the date went well if you were feeling anxious or comfortable.

Being able to listen to yourself can provide you with a good idea of how the date went. Although it's possible that you'll hear about the disastrous aspect of the experience from your gut, if you were genuinely comfortable and didn't look like an awkward person, then you're in good shape.

You are not just smiling but laughing together

A lot of people smile a lot on a first date, but there is a reason for that. If you look back on the experience and remember how happy you were, then the date was a resounding success. If your partner is genuinely happy and smiling a lot, then you're in the right place for a great time.

The butterflies in your stomach start to come as soon as you think about the first date. You're likely going to be going on another one soon as the experience went well.

You date was respectful and kind all times

A good first date is not only about how it felt, but also about how the other person treated you.

If the other person behaved kindly and genuinely, then you had a great first date. Even if it doesn't lead to a repeat performance, you can still feel good about the experience.

Conversation was free flowing

One of the most important factors that can be considered when it comes to assessing a successful first date is the flow of the conversation.

We often start checking our phones when we're bored or feel awkward. If you didn't reach for your device during the time that you were on the date, then that's a good sign.

This also means that you and your partner didn't check each other's Facebook profiles. This is a positive sign, as it shows that both of you were genuinely interested in the other person.

Lasted longer then expected

One of the most important factors you can consider when assessing a successful first date is how long it lasted.

A successful first date involves spending time with the other person, not with someone who doesn't quite vibe with you. If the date went on for a long time, then it shows that the other person enjoyed being with you.

Both open up without inhibitions

Generally, people avoid talking about their personal lives, families, or friends with those we don't trust or like. If the other person was talking about their life and their relatives, then that's a sign that the first date went well.

By the end of the evening, you've probably come up with a joke name that you're ready to share with the other person. This is a sign that you're planning on going on another date.