How can you take your kid out of a ‘negative body image?

Kids are usually influenced by their friends, peers, and family members and they use their views on what forms of acceptable body image. A negative body image can negatively affect kids’ emotional and physical health. Here are some quick tips you can use to help your kid deal with a negative body image.

Don’t emphasize looks

As parents when you are talking about other people, never point to their physical appearance and body type in general. Instead, focus and appreciate more important things such as their talents, and how kind and well-mannered they are. This will help your kid shift focus from physical appearance and give more importance to such traits.

Always be mindful of your words

Never use things like, “I look so fat in this dress,” or “I should not eat this as it’ll make me fat”. You may not notice but your kid listens to everything you say. A study suggested that kids who see their mother be unhappy with their bodies end up being dissatisfied with their bodies too. Always demonstrate confidence in your body and yourself.

Promote space for open and honest communication

As parents try to maintain an open and neutral stance with your kids so that they can be open with you and share their viewpoints. This promotes unfiltered communication which stops them from going into a shell and being bottled up on topics such as body image. Not interrupting them and taking a genuine interest in what they have to say helps a lot.

Promote healthy habits in the house

Rather than focusing on weight, emphasize the importance of healthy eating and exercising. You should plan family time in events such as playing outside, riding bikes, and going to the nearby park.Take your kids to the nearby grocery store and teach them to look at the nutritional labels and then choose healthy fruits and vegetables.

Cut on the screen time

It has been proven by studies that reducing screen time can reduce kids’ chance of obesity and also enhance their grades. Teach kids to interpret junk food ads and understand what they are trying to sell. This will help them understand the risks of junk food and make them aware of potential weight issues.

Encouraging self-love and promoting healthy living over rigorous dieting can really help your kid fight negative body image issues.

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