Published By: Alfaraz Laique

How digital detox work better for workplace productivity

Digital detox is a dedicated period of time where you intentionally disconnect from your tech gadgets.

Here is how digital detox is a good idea to increase your productivity.

Enhanced creativity and mindfulness- One of the remarkable benefits of a digital detox is the enhanced creativity and mindfulness that it can unlock. When we constantly consume content online, our minds become cluttered with information overload. Our attention spans shrink, leaving little room for deep thinking or creative exploration. By stepping away from screens and engaging in activities that don't involve technology, we create space for our minds to wander, imagine, and innovate. Whether it's taking long walks in nature, painting on canvas, or journaling your thoughts with pen and paper – these moments of disconnection allow us to tap into our inner wellsprings of inspiration.

Reduced eye strain and headaches- The constant use of digital devices has become a norm in our daily lives. Whether it's working on a computer, scrolling through social media on our smartphones, or binge-watching our favourite shows on a tablet, we are constantly glued to screens. However, this excessive screen time can take a toll on both our mental and physical health. One common issue that arises from prolonged screen usage is eye strain. Staring at a bright screen for extended periods can cause dryness, discomfort, and even blurry vision. This strain can lead to headaches and migraines as well. By taking a digital detox and reducing the amount of time spent looking at screens, we give our eyes much-needed rest. During this break from screens, we have the opportunity to engage in activities that promote relaxation and reduce eye strain. Going for walks outdoors allows us to focus on natural scenery rather than pixels on a screen.

Reduced comparison and social media pressure- One of the biggest benefits of a digital detox is the reduction in comparison and social media pressure. In today's digital age, it's all too easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others on social media platforms. Whether it's seeing someone else's seemingly perfect life or feeling envious of their accomplishments, constant exposure to curated highlights can take a toll on our mental health. When we take a step back from social media and disconnect from the virtual world, we free ourselves from this constant cycle of comparison. Instead of constantly measuring our worth against others' highlight reels, we can focus on being present in our own lives and appreciating what we have. By reducing social media usage, we also decrease the pressure to constantly be connected and available online. This allows us to set boundaries for ourselves and prioritize real-life interactions over virtual ones.