How does social media affect our eating

Social media has revolutionized so many things of our lives.

Social media is a boon and a bane. In a short while social media has grown wildly and highly changed the way we live life, including the way we eat.

On social media, we find numerous things related to food. Food bloggers, food influencers, food photography, enthusiasts of food, chefs, you name it. The feed on your social media has influenced the way you view food, and the choices you make while choosing what to eat. Some feed might promote healthy eating, sugarless diet, or fill your feed with endless pictures and videos of protein and the way you can consume them.

Social media affects our eating in many ways.

Here’s how social media helps our eating habits.

Encourages through fitness, diet routines: So many pages on social media will promote healthy eating that can help in moving towards a healthy eating habit. Of course, there are some that glory itself in the unhealthy but it is up to you to find the positive in social media when it comes to healthy food.

Social media gives tips: Recent TitTok has shown us how to peel garlic without having to peel each part, or how to chut a pineapple efficiently, or bottle lemonade the right way, or roast potatoes with least amount of grease. Without social media feeding our subconscious, we’d never have known of these by ourselves.

Brings like-minded people together: Like a vegan diet? There are countless people on social media thinking the same thing. Social media helps in bringing together like- minded people to enrich their experience with food whereby they get ideas and can share them in real life.

Trying out new things: Seen a broccoli macaroni cheese salad on media that looked amazing? Wondering how you never thought of it? Turns out it tastes amazing and is also super healthy? Social media helps us to try new things everyday that can turn out to be exactly what we’ve been looking for.

Like any other thing, social media has its bad sides as well.

Can fuel eating disorders

Can create distraction that can lead to overeating

Unrealistic expectation

While social media can influence us heavily, it is up to us to decide what content is working and what isn’t. It can help us curate healthy eating habits, fill us with delicious food ideas that we can try at home, but it can also create unrealistic expectations. It is up to us to sort out the food that is easy and healthy and is working for us.

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