How Domestic Animals Would Not Exist Without Humans

The wild animals that have been domesticated against nature will become extinct in the near future!

Domestic animals are dependent on humans. Over the years they are domesticated for various reasons. Some animals were domesticated for helping in agriculture and other household works, while some others were domesticated for being a hunting partner or even a source of meat themselves. Some pets don’t even follow the reason why they were domesticated in the first place.

Existence Of Domestic Animals Without Humans

Have you ever wondered what would happen to all the domestic animals if humans stop existing? This topic stirs up a lot of food for thought. So in this article we have made a detailed analysis on what will be the life of domestic animals after humans cease to exist.

For The Herbivores: Chances Of Survival Is Extremely Low

Herbivorous domestic animals were the first ones to be domesticated by humans. Precisely because they need just grass or grains to live through the day. Goats are said to be the first ones to mix with humans. Gradually cow, sheep, hen and other herbivores follow. They are highly dependent on humans, especially for protection from predators. When there will be no humans, it would be hard for them to protect themselves physically. Although, the greenery will grow in the absence of humans, so their food source will grow too. They can try to save themselves from external attack by flocking together. But still the chances of domesticated animals to survive is very low.

For Carnivores: Feral Species Will Emerge In Large Numbers

Dogs and cats are the most favourite pets among human beings. They are loved by people of all ages. It will be interesting to see what the future will hold for them. Dogs would find the primary years very hard to survive, as their basic source of food will be gone. Even though almost 70% of dogs live in the streets, they still have dustbins and other sources of food that are directly linked with humans. They will need to go back to their primitive instincts, the very reason they were being domesticated, hunting. Dogs with small physical frames or some typical anatomical structure will find it difficult to survive the attack from stronger carnivores and with time probably will go extinct. Dogs will have more freedom so forceful pure-breeding will stop, and more cross-breeding will start. That will help them evolve into something fitter to survive the wildlife.

Same thing will happen to the cats. Feral cats will probably make it through the struggles due to their experience living in the wild, but the pet cats will most probably face extinction.

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