How Drones are Changing the Face of Farming?

For millions of farmers from around the world, drone-tech is their new best ally

Drones or drone technology is not a new thing to the world. They have existed for quite some time now and are being used in different industries. From guarding the international borders to the delivery of medicines in the remotest parts of the world, these unmanned aerial vehicles have played a vital role so far and will continue to do so in the future. At the moment, drone-technology is penetrating a new industry; the farming industry.

Drones have taken the farming industry by storm as more and more farmers are now using drone-tech to complete various activities related to farming. From spraying of disinfectants to sowing seeds, drones are the new best of allies of the farmers. Without wasting more words, let’s look into some other areas of farming where drones are playing a crucial role.

Field Scouting

Farming begins with the selection of the perfect soil. Hence, drones are being massively used to scout the perfect field with excellent quality of soil. With the help of sensors fitted on the drones, in-depth analysis of the soil is done, which help farmers to select a field. Not just field scouting, but data for nitrogen-management and availability of moisture is being gathered with the help of drones.

Controlling disease

Through drones, farmers can detect diseases in their crops. The drones detect reflective properties present on crops and understands which crops are suffering from what kind of disease. The drones also tag them and hence, it is easier for the farmers to identify the crop in an enormous field. With the help of the collected data, the farmers can start early disease control measures.


Back in the era, farmers had to cover large fields to sow the seeds. In 2020, the seeds are being planted by drones. These days, drones are equipped with shooting pods comprising thousands of seeds. The drones shoot these pods and thousands of seeds are planted in the soil within seconds. It not only reduces the time of sowing, but the overall planting cost goes down as well.

Spraying and health monitoring

With the help of different sensors such as thermal, hyperspectral or multispectral; drones can detect the condition of the field and spray water if required. Not just water, but it also monitors the health of the crops. Through analysis, it sprays nutrients, fertilizers or pesticides depending on the requirement of the crops.

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