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How Eating Healthy Saves Us from Energy Drainage?

Eating healthy goes a long way to make us feel better and save our energies in the process.

Here’s a secret hack to save your energy! Eat good food. Not just tasty food, you need to eat proper good food that loves your body and makes you feel good. Because whether you know it or not, what you eat actually has a long lasting effect on how you feel and how you go about your day.

If you eat something that your body loves and that is easy to digest, chances are that it will make you feel better while eating oily food, heavy with tough to digest meat will land you up in feeling tired. Eating light will always make you feel alright. It will help you grow your productivity and it will lift your mood right up. Eating healthy food replenishes your energy levels and helps you feel better when you are not feeling as much light.

As a general rule, notice, if you feel fatigued or tired, or generally lethargic after eating and you feel like taking a nap that means you absolutely need to change your meal plan.

Have a closer look at the composition of your meal, what are you making your meals out of, what works and what doesn’t, keep a closer eye on these things. You’d notice that eating excessive sugar makes you drowsy, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish. You can also try healthy lean meats or beans, and if you need to eat oil, go for olive oil!

Always focus on getting all these important nutrients, when you plan and prepare your meals. And never eat processed foods. You need to get rid of that habit. Don’t even buy processed or canned foods; those are the unhealthiest ones.

Why shouldn’t you get processed foods?

These processed foods all have preservatives and chemicals that cause a temporary spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels. This makes you feel a temporary boost of energy but it is subsequently followed by a sharp energy crash. Over the period, you will invariably feel tired and quickly get all your energy drained.

Choose more greens and cling on to your veggies.Buy fresh and buy local. Get fresh out of the garden vegetables and cook a meal with them, just make a salad and you will see the difference.

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