How entrepreneurship is changing the economy of India?

Did you know that India happens to have the oldest and the most civilised business histories in the world?

The history of business set-up in the country has been rich since time immemorial. There was an internal and external trade culture from the beginning, but increased during the Mughal era. Due to foreign interest in Indian products, arts, foods, etc., entrepreneurial skills got recognition among countries like western colonial countries, Africa and the Arab mainland. However, the major change in the business occurred when East India Company started their business in the eastern part of India. Not to forget, it directly (or indirectly) linked the entire Indian Business Economy as one.

Post-Independence the country saw a major economic downfall, to which the government took major steps to fight back. It adopted the economic structure line of the Soviet Union and introduced the New Industrial Policy of 1956, resulting in major economic reform in the country. Many economists adopted Mahala Nobis model to support entrepreneurship, which led to entrepreneurship transformation in India.

Today, the economy of India is undergoing a transformation driven in part by a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Entrepreneurship is playing a major role in reshaping the economic landscape of India, creating new industries and driving economic growth. These businesses are providing new opportunities for India’s citizens, generating jobs and spurring innovation.

The growth of entrepreneurship in India has been driven in part by the government’s commitment to providing a supportive environment for new businesses. Tax incentives, relaxed regulations, and other economic reforms have made it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. This has led to a new generation of Indian entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of opportunities to create innovative products and services.

These new businesses are having a major impact on the Indian economy. They are creating jobs, driving growth in multiple sectors, and innovating products and services that are addressing the needs of the Indian population. The growth of these businesses is also leading to increased foreign investment in India, as many international companies are recognizing the potential of the Indian market.

Entrepreneurship is playing a major role in reshaping the economy of India, providing new opportunities for its citizens, creating jobs, and stimulating growth and innovation. The government’s commitment to supporting new businesses is making a significant contribution to India’s economic transformation. As the country continues to develop, entrepreneurs will continue to play a critical role in driving economic growth and prosperity.

Orna Ghosh

Orna is an engineer from Northeast with a keen interest in creative writing. Mysterious facts and thriller stories creates a buzz in her. Living in the city but her heart always belong to the hills, after all Winter is Coming. Let's cosy up and grab a cup of Coffee with some new stories to read.
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