How Hypnotherapy Helps To Overcome Fears

Hypnosis is saving lives.

In the modern days when people are so busy with their education, and the job they feel anxious and fear starts creeping up which severely affects their mental health. Because of this anxiety and fear, people suffer from several psychiatric diseases like ADHD, Chronic Depression, Paranoia, Insomnia etc. The deterioration of mental health can harm one’s personal as well as professional life. Experts, medicos and scientists are putting all their effort to find out an effective way to deal with this harmful anxiety and fears. Some people keep a mystic view on this that yoga and spirituality work to reduce it. However, among several methods like medicines, verbal counselling, and music therapy, the most effective method to reduce unnecessary anxiety and fear is hypnotherapy or sleep hypnosis.

Different Types Of Hypnotherapy: There are mainly four types of hypnotherapy or hypnosis methods, they are as follows-

Regression Hypnotherapy

This is verbal hypnotherapy in which the therapist asks the patient to reckon or remember the event that caused the fear. Once the patient finds it the therapist guides him to mentally re-experience that to cope and get rid of that fear.

Visualisation hypnotherapy

In this therapist shows the patient some object in motion and thus sends him into a trance state and after reaching that state with words he can reshape the patient’s thoughts.


Strengthening hypnotherapy: In this hypnotherapy, the therapist helps to eradicate the fear factors from the subconscious that helps the patient to regain his mental strength and self-confidence.


Regression hypnotherapy: In this technique, the therapist asks the patient to think about a time before he developed the phobia and that helps to identify the cause of the phobia.

How It Helps

Generally, the root cause of the fear lies in our subconscious mind, hypnotherapy works on the subconscious part of the psyche, so it is helpful to identify the cause of the fear. Fear is the response to a certain stimulation(mostly external) and as hypnosis takes a person to a trance state, it can reshape his/her mind and helps to eradicate the fear attached to that particular stimulation, thus helping to reduce the overall fear factors. It also helps to maintain equilibrium in blood pressure and blood circulation of the body.

Anyone who is suffering from anxiety and fear must reach out to a psychologist or therapist for help, cause the fear might grow even stronger and can severely affect one’s healthy life routine. People who stay busy all the time with their profession must try hypnotherapy to relax their extreme work pressure and anxiety. Hypnosis is making its progress in medical science as well as shaping minds.

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