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How Inherited Family Memories Shape Who We Are?

Memories live deep inside our DNA. It’s not a made-up thing, a story that we tell our children, the experience lives on and they shape us.

Inherited family memories, especially if some of them were unresolved, would leave on within the family members. That’s the deal with collective consciousness. It’s not just my own memory that shapes me. It’s the collective memory of the whole of humanity that shapes all of us. We live within these memories and these memories live on even beyond our own lifespan. Similarly we carry the memories of our ancestors deep within our bone-marrow. It flows like blood within our veins. These are the core experiences that form us.

When we are born we inherit these memories and these experiences grow on within our DNA as we grow up and they shape us, they shape our lives, our tendencies, our habits, our preferences. Our ancestral memories are what inform our DNAs to behave in a certain way, contrary to that of others. Energy manifests materially deep within our DNA. We cannot simply avoid it saying these are just stories we were told while growing up!

How do ancestral memories shape our lives?

If we are born in a family we not only inherit the culture and the habits of the family, unknowingly we also carry on the narrative of the family, through us the story unfolds of a family tree. The stories of our lives are nothing but a branch in that web of family trees that we all belong to. This is what makes our history and this is how we understand ourselves. Our ancestral memories shape our worldview and our approach to it.

How to decode ancestral memories?

Meditation and journaling goes a long way to decode our own ancestral memories. Meditations help us calm our nerves and look straight at our core so we can identify these impulses and where they come from.

When we journal, especially when we auto-journal without much thought being put into it, we unlock the doors to our subconscious. It’s the same with dream journals. Before fully coming to awareness, if we can journal our dreams, we will be astonished to see the things we can decode. These are the ancestral memories that shape us, that define us.

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