How Long Can You Leave Your Pet Alone

Things to consider about how long you can leave your pet home alone.

Having a pet is a big responsibility. You have to put them on a schedule so they can get used to a good routine. This oftentimes involves you having to rearrange your life to suit their needs.  While dogs love the company of humans, there are times you may have to leave them alone. However, this can be difficult to do. The key is to make their time home safe and nurturing. Knowing how long you can leave your dog alone is a case by case situation. However, here are a few things to consider.

Daily physical activity is a must

Your dog needs time for physical activity daily. Exercise is important as it helps them to digest their meals, burn calories, stimulate their mind and maintain good health.  It could also help keep boredom and destructive behaviours at bay. Your pet’s physical activity needs will depend on their age, fitness level, and breed. However, most dogs should be able to stretch a couple of times a day. Consider having a dog walker or sitter to give your dog the activity they require.

Consider their bathroom breaks

Bathroom breaks are important to take into account before you leave your dog home alone for a while. Most dogs need these kinds of breaks three or five times a day, according to experts. However, the time limits for dogs are different at different life stages, from when they are puppies to when they become seniors. Consult with your vet to take into account your dog’s needs.

Mental activity is important

Mental activities for your pet are important for their overall well-being. It can help to keep them happy and healthy. It could also keep your beloved pet well-behaved. All dogs need some amount of mental stimulation during the day, especially puppies and young dogs.  If they have nothing to do, boredom could take over and it may cause them to behave in a destructive way when they are all alone. Fun neighbourhood walks, indoor games, or training sessions are some ways to keep their minds occupied. These kinds of activities could be beneficial in the long run when your pet has to stay home alone. Create a comfy area for your dog to rest in and play with their toys. Puzzle toys are also a great way to keep their minds sharp.

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