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Energy Drainage Alert: Stop eating whatever and whenever you want

If we notice, according to the studies, it’s said that we make on an average 200 food decisions, every day.

Eating disorders isn’t just unhealthy, it can eat a lot of our productivity in terms of decision making which leads us to an inevitable burnout. Having a routine about what you put inside your body, goes a long way in dealing with energy drainage.

If we notice, according to the studies, it’s said that we make on an average 200 food decisions, every day. This isn’t good. It’s far from good. But thank goodness, there is a remedy for that, a simple meal plan. This can prove to be that one charm that will save you an incredible amount of energy and stimulate your mind. Conserve your energy and leave the food decisions to the routine, you need the energy boost.

It’s a common misconception that meal plans are just reserved for only bodybuilders. You can also get the benefit of meal plans, it doesn’t always have to be your health-obsessed friend who happens to bring Tupperware wherever they go. All the top performers in every field of work are known to plan their meals way ahead, and it helps them to solely concentrate on work and have a blast in terms of productivity.

But how to start a meal plan?

Go ahead and write down what are your preferences for meal every week that you can easily get a hold of?  This will make up for your blueprint. Now all you have got to do is to use this blueprint, and create a meal plan that you can immediately start. This will take a few week, over the course of the span you will be able to adjust the meal plan and perfect it to a t.

You can go about with bowls full of salads and some proteins and a little carbs.

Here are a few pointers that will help your endeavor easy:

Always keep an eye on building variety into your meal plan when you create the blue print. Say, if you like to eat a certain quantity of vegetables at a particular point in time, every day, remember to always keep a few different types of veggies to choose from, rather than going for the same one every day.

It’s important to schedule your time in a manner so you can prepare your meals well ahead in time. Try to make everything well in advance so all you gotta do is eat, when the time comes.

Another thing is to spread your meals across the day, equally.

Even you can try this with fast foods. It doesn’t always have to be healthy eating.

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