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How Making fewer decisions can save you from burnout?

Pre-planning is a way to go forward, be it what you eat or what your wear.

Did you know that not only the fastest but the most efficient way to guard ourselves against the cursing habit of decision fatigue is to focus on making fewer decisions every day?

This might seem all too easy to say but not as easily done. Here are a few techniques here that can provide you with much guidance when you feel stuck in the maze of decision fatigue.

Eating Remedy

We really have to put more focus on what we are eating and stop eating whatever we want, whenever we feel like. Research has shown that on an average all of us are compelled to make no lesser than 221 decisions about what to eat, every day. To save ourselves from the decision fatigue when it comes to eating habit is to have a simple meal plan which can help us conserve massive amounts of energies and save us from burnout. This in turn helps majorly in strengthening our mental powers.

Dressing Remedy

Another very easy yet absolutely helpful hack is to have a proper plan for what to wear. We have to fix the massive productivity drainer that we are wearing at the very moment. Yes, even that can affect adversely in terms of productivity. We must have heard that all the legendary winners and performers, the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are all famous for keeping on wearing the very same outfit day after day. If we notice, we will see that this outfit helps creating a ritual for success while also helping us with reducing the decision load about the proverbial question, ‘what to wear!’

Get ahead of shopping

Shopping forms the most draining experience and we generally all go on about this popular pastime which invariably leads us to energy drainage. It’s about time to beat it! It destroys our willpower. Columbia University researchers have created a social experiment with posing as employees at a grocery store and they went on about offering every passerby samples of jams. Interestingly, when they offered six flavors, mostly 30% of all tasters went on to purchase a jar. But then when the options were increased to 24 varieties, the buying percentage was down at only 3%. Decisions overwhelmed everyone.

Say goodbye to decision-draining friends

If we notice, most of the time, if we engage with indecisive friends, it will invariably get us to deplete our own decision-making powers.

Get a hold of your computer

Screens and computers are the foremost source of distractions, minimize your consumption and have a control over it. It will massively help you save yourself from a burnout.

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