Published By: Bono Sen

How Not To Be A Victim Of Mental Abuse

The effects of abusive behavior negatively affect the victim's behavioral response!

The effects of psychological abuse on a victim are far-reaching and long-lasting.  Abuse of feelings leads to self-doubt. In many cases, the victim tries to deny or downplay the issue of emotional abuse. In other cases, self-inflicted guilt works in the victims of emotional abuse. Because the abuser's torture process is extremely slow and subtly executed, the victim of mental abuse often remains in a state of confusion. After living with abusive partners for long periods of time, the victim falls into the trap of self-abuse, leading to excessive self-criticism and self-harm.

Believe In Your Own Instincts: Don't Get Manipulated By Your Abuser

Signs of physical abuse can be seen from the outside, so in many cases the tormented person can be prevented from becoming a further victim of the situation but, the wound of emotional humiliation is borne by the abused person in his/her heart, so in this case the victim can't be easily spotted. In order to define emotional abuse, one has to consider the abuser's non-physical behavioral responses, rather than verbal abuse, which have been motivated by the goal of emotional degradation, humiliation and subjugation of the victim. The purpose of establishing dominance includes intimidation, social isolation, verbal attacks, and attempts to control the other partner by attempting to impair mental health. If you are a victim of this aforementioned phenomenon, today's article will help you combine your own confidence and self-worth to stand up against your abuser.

Do Not Guilt-Trip Yourself:

Don't take responsibility for your partner's abuse. Instead, comfort yourself by admitting that you have invested your precious emotions in the wrong place.  Mental abusers are usually adept at creating confusing situations. They blame the victim for their own actions and thus ensnare the victim in an endless web of self-criticism. Be aware of this pattern.  Don't be influenced by the abuser's lies. If you see a repetition of this same pattern, leave that relationship immediately.

Indulge In Self Forgiveness:

Your partner has the opportunity to tear you apart for a long time because you have constantly embarrassed yourself by stepping into the abuser's sweet talk trap. Maybe you were emotionally or financially dependent on the person, the abuser realized your dependency and thus exploited you for a long time. However, to start a new life, you have to forgive yourself. Otherwise, you will carry this feeling of 'shame' indefinitely, which will make your future life miserable. If you want to get rid of the abuser permanently, you must take the necessary steps to self-forgiveness.

Get Rid Of The Fear Of Being Branded As A 'Bad Person':

If you want to make a difficult decision for the sake of your mental and physical well-being, take it. Remember, you are not obligated to compensate for any mistakes made by an adult. As a human, everyone has the right to life, liberty and security. If you find that your basic needs are being hampered by a relationship, end that relationship immediately. Many times, in response to traumatic experiences, victims begin to think of themselves as 'bad people'. Once you become sensitive enough to yourself, only then you can come out of this self-sabotaging attitude.