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How oral health and cardiovascular health are linked?

It might sound odd, but the condition of the oral environment is related to many cardiovascular diseases indirectly or directly.

You will never find a person who has not suffered from any dental issues in his/her lifespan. It can be in the form of tooth loss, periodontitis, dry mouth, gum issues, and many more. These issues accumulate through life and worsen in your old age. Generally, dental problems are caused by genetics, poor diet, and improper brushing. With newer research studies coming out everyday, scientists are speculating about the link between heart diseases and oral health. Let's find out how these two are connected.

Impact of microorganisms on dental and cardiovascular health:

Some bacteria harm your gums causing gingivitis and periodontitis. These microorganisms travel through blood vessels and arteries to impact your functioning. Sometimes, these microorganisms may cause inflammation and damage to the blood vessels and arteries enhancing the risk of heart attacks. Scientists have discovered some bacteria migrating from the oral environment to the bloodstream enhancing the levels of C-reactive protein, responsible for inflammatory reactions in the blood vessels. This can surely increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, antibiotic treatment did not prove to be effective against such inflammatory reactions. Some scientists also argued that oral microorganisms often decrease immune response which impacts cardiovascular and neurological functioning.

Who is susceptible to both dental and heart issues?

Almost 60% of the world'spopulation suffer from gum problems, implying the severity of oral problem on a global scale. Simply, chain smokers are at the highest risk of suffering from both cardiovascular and dental problems.

How to improve the condition of oral and cardiovascular health?

The best way to take care of cardiovascular health is by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. On the other hand, proper oral hygiene requires regular brushing, using mouthwash, and annual dental checkups. If required perform dental flossing and tartar removal to make the oral environment cleaner. Stay away from smoking to improve both oral and cardiovascular health. Regular exercises may also help.

Final words about the link between oral and cardiovascular health:

Scientists are yet to find a clear link between dental and cardiovascular health, it can be indirect, direct, or coincidental. You must take care of oral health regularly as this is the gateway to food items. Some reports have mentioned that oral health might be linked to neurological issues too. So, never ignore any dental issues like tooth pain or redness in gum, bad breath, or dryness in the mouth. These are some of the early signs of larger dental issues. Drink a sufficient amount of water to flush out toxins.

Make your health a priority always. Take care of your oral and cardiovascular health.