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How our social practices shape our knowledge of the external world

We are all social creatures, if not for social media; we’d hardly even know the news!

Knowledge is how we engage in the social practices!

Our own social practices, what we called trend, is what informs our life. We live like our social peers expects us to live, eat food that is hyped up and socially celebrated, like sushi or red velvets, we even sleep in the PJs that the best store in town advertises for, our whole life is riddled with social expectations. And that’s not it, our serotonin levels, as in the happy hormones, do go high when we finally achieve thus coveted validation from the society.

External world and internalisedinternalised practices!

Yes, our social behavior is what informs us about the world we live in. How we live in that world, inhabit the space is absolutely dictated by the social practices of that space. When we engage ourselves in doing certain works, perform certain social practices, it leads us to the truth of our own knowledge base of how we view the world around us. That’s what our knowledge is, the derivative of our social behaviors and practices.

How do we verify? Through more Practices.

Our understanding of the external world depends on the results we get through our practices. If we get predictable results, our understanding and knowledge gets verified. Only when the anticipated results are achieved we can claim that our knowledge has been verified, nothing is left to chance. The process of manufacturing, science experiments, et al. follow an anticipated path to reach at definite results.

Success is defined by achieving the anticipated result, which is only possible when anticipation had already been made. The prerequisite of such a condition would be putting together all corresponding ideas into action. If, at this point, these ideas fail to correspond, the process will not be succeeded, but the practice will not go to waste as we can arrive at concept formation and build on to the knowledge base feeding the data drawn out of the said experiment.

Only through the litmus of experimentation can a theory be tested. Same goes with social experience and knowledge. Unless we go through rampant social exchanges to understand the patterns of our social behaviors, we cannot form anticipations and cannot confirm them in order to arrive at knowledge. Social practices are the only way to achieve knowledge, so let’s align that!

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