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How people use tarot card for daily journaling

Journaling for clarity of mind, focus, and memory, all is encountered upon countless times, but what do we journal about?

If you are interested in self-help culture and want to develop yourself further, you might have heard about this practice journaling. It’s one of those habits recommended by everyone advising on self-developmental space. It has all sorts of benefits. For example, it helps you focus, it helps in memorizing the details, helps in clearing our own mind clutter and coming up with brilliant ideas and also getting them down for future references. In short, journaling is a must-do for thinkers across the radar.

And what do we journal about? If you are not already into the practice of journaling, it can prove to be hard to get your words flowing in the beginning. There are prompts, true, but it is very difficult to find a particular set of prompts that resonate with your life. We here, have a very unique solution to this problem – Tarot Cards.

And there are good reasons for it. These oracle cards, tarot cards, and what have you, offer a varied set of situations that you can apply to your life. It’s very convenient. All of these cards have meanings associated with them, they have values and suits assigned with them, not much dissimilar to the ordinary playing cards. But these ones are used differently. These cards have bigger and better stories to tell, they have been designed to tell such unique stories. All of these individual cards have specific suits that have been collectively agreed upon in the tradition of tarot reading. Interestingly, these meanings are woven into artworks upon the face of all these cards, and, how beautiful they look!

Although tarot cards are generally used by mystics for divination, people not so much spiritual can still have some other interesting use for it—Journaling for example. Because each of these cards are attached with a more substantial meaning on its core level, These can help us in myriad of ways to uncover things that are submerged deep in our subconscious. These cards help us focus on a particular problem in our lives and come up with solutions for that. It’s a very powerful tool to get deep inside our minds and what do we do with all the information that we have uncovered? Journal it!

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