How rhythms are embedded in our daily life

Life allows us to experience distinct and indistinct ways – and the ways of reaching the rhythms!

Although human life does not always follow a certain rhythm, there is a latent presence of rhythm from the beginning to the rest. From the rhythm of life’s ups and downs to the rhythm of despair — everything has its own uniqueness. Even if these are excluded, the rhythm cannot be denied in any way. Just as the rhythm of music is attractive in the world of music, the bright presence of rhythm in dance, and speech, makes people more enriched and more artistic. Therefore, it is not desirable to have harmony in the path of life, but it is absolutely necessary to have a variety of rhythms on that path. Let’s know the unveiled truth of mixing rhythms with our daily life.

The rhythm of music: Merging ‘The Three’ into ‘One.’

‘The Three’, the most important three, are three forms of expressions. Firstly, the melody is as important as the rhythm. The permute, straight, curved combinations of twelve notes and the application of one right note after another without distortion it’s everything that carries the melody. Secondly, the rhythm is obvious in giving life to those well-composed notes. And thirdly, the lyrics, it’s all about one’s (or more than one) own field of expressing feelings through words. Merging the three into one is the ultimate fulfilment of a composition where the rhythm plays a key role.

The rhythm of nature: Need to include birds and other animals

As mentioned earlier, rhythm does not exist only in the world of music. Nature’s rhythm is one of the varieties of rhythms found in life. The rustling of tree leaves, the patter of rain, the rumbling of clouds, the monstrous sounds of natural calamities, etc., all have a rhythm, be it offbeat or on the beat. And those who are growing up in the lap of nature are constantly mixing the rhythm of the calls of the animals to make the world incredibly beautiful, which cannot be fully enjoyed in one lifetime.

The rhythm of reality: Which may not be enjoyable at times

Reality is as true as it is unbreakable, as acceptable as it is inescapable. Although there is a presence of rhythm, in reality, that presence is beyond the perception of some. No other power has the power to disprove its truth. People can see and observe the social reality but cannot understand the real form of real hardship. Understanding its rhythm requires the right perspective and understanding since people can make the impossible possible!

Bono Sen

Author is an aspiring creative writer, food-buff and bookworm. Loves to travel, bunks in lesser known bnbs and loves her chai more than anything else. She adds her two cents to every idea and has been a scriber for more than a decade now!
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