How Shark Tank India could be a game changer for television

Television is one of the most diverse modes of entertainment and it has room for infinite number of possibilities. Sadly, in the last few decades, Indian television has seen a downfall in the quality of the content and there is no scope of creativity left. However, it should be noted that Indian television sales and viewership has increased significantly in the 21st century. Among these contrasting numbers, we have witnessed the first season of Shark Tank India.

Shark Tank has finally arrived in India and to everyone’s surprise, the show enjoyed great success. The first season of the show has already become a cult among the fans. Most of the credit of its success goes to the team of sharks, who have achieved the status of celebrities. The show became viral in both Hindi and non-Hindi speaking regions of the country and has been a topic of memes over the last few months.


In a country where half of the population enjoys watching emotional drama and unreal reality shows, Shark Tank India is a breath of fresh air. It is important to note that the show is loved by the youth, who is generally very far from watching television but the show attracted non-TV lovers and OTT platforms enjoyers and brought them together to know about the young and new entrepreneurs. There has been a significant rise in the startup culture and entrepreneurship in the last 10-12 years in the country. The programs like Make in India have supported various young businesses and India has created several new ventures. The e-commerce and fin-tech businesses are at the top of the game where several Indians have made their presence felt, including the shark Ashneer Grover.


The show has created awareness among the youth regarding the entrepreneurship and has inspired many to be the job giver and not to be the job seeker. Before Shark Tank India, there was TVF’s web series, Pitcher, which was based on the young entrepreneurs and their dream of developing a business but Shark Tank India is more popular than the former. People who used to watch reality talent shows with their families have finally got the opportunity to watch something new and meaningful which could help in the development of the self and society. It can be easily assumed after reading the comments section on YouTube and social media platforms that before the show, people were not much aware of the startup culture and how the whole investment and funding scene works.


Shark Tank India offers freshness in terms of content, set designing and show structure. It not only entertains but educates at the same time.

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