How Should You Pack For A Beach Vacation?

Packing for the sea is no longer a pain once you follow this essential checklist!

Beach vacation in any part of the world is considered to be one of the most effective stress busters one can have. Who doesn’t feel a splash of joy whenever someone talks about or plans a holiday by the sea? Though the majority of them don’t find packing for a beach vacation to be an easy task. While visiting the sea, there are so many intricate essentials required to be taken that it is impossible to make things right unless you are following any ‘what to take’ list. So avoid spoiling your mood from any packing regrets and just go through this simplified checklist every time you head off for a beach blast.

Influential Factors To Keep An Eye On:

The amount of luggage required to take with you depends a lot on the destination and the duration of your vacation. So determine them first in order to know the actual numbers of clothes, regular essentials and most importantly money. Next comes checking the local weather report for your destination. A couple of clicks on your device will give you all predestined temperature changes and wet season information. It will refine your accuracy about the volume of all contents within your luggage.

Clothing And Accessories:

Bathing suits and bikinis are not the only essential wear for the beach. Cover-ups, evening wear, and shoes should not be missed. If you feel cold, a light shirt or a sweater can make you cosy. Smart shorts with a jersey on top along with flip-flop sandals or a little dress with complementing footwear is essential if you plan a party. You must never forget a lightweight waterproof to keep things dry in case it rains. You can carry lightweight flip-flops paired with hoodies along with fancy accessories, if you want to show your cool. While packing garments, you must always try to keep the baggage light. Though sometimes if you feel overloaded, a good quality garment bag or dress carrier can be of great help. Packing cubes can also be helpful, if you need to maximize your luggage space.

Toiletries To Electronics:

While buying regular essentials such as liquids, hair oil, gels, creams, sun-screens and pastes, always look for travel-sized items which you can easily pack in a quart-sized see-through bag. Carrying your phone needs no mentions. In order to keep yourself entertained and connected with the world, on long journeys, and a few carefully chosen electronics is a must along with an electronic organizer in order to keep all cords tidy. Whether it’s a digital camera, an iPad or a laptop, it must always be paired with an external hard drive for carefree usage. You can even add hair dryers and styling appliances, if you really need them.

Travel Admins:

The most important part of packing is to carefully accumulate tickets, passports and ID, and keep them close to hand. Print your name, address and contact information and carefully keep it within your wallet. In spite of having digital and electronic banking systems, keep some cash close at hand for emergencies.

The Beach Bag:

Where else can you keep your beach towel, sunscreen and other essentials dry and sand-free while you enjoy the sea? A waterproof pouch is also needed for your phone while you snap your underwater moments. I’m sure that these efforts before you leave for your next beach vacation, will give you a stress-free memorable vacation.

Debapriya Chakraborty

Author is an aspiring creative writer, food-buff and bookworm. Loves to travel, bunks in lesser known bnbs and loves her chai more than anything else. She adds her two cents to every idea and has been a scriber for more than a decade now!
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