How Society Has Been Explained In The Movie ‘The Platform’

A dystopian, futuristic prison acknowledged as a ‘Hole’.

The movie is a 2019 movie picked by Netflix. The movie was set in a dystopian, futuristic prison acknowledged as The Hole, where the cells are stacked on top of one another. Each floor has a cell and in the middle of every cell, there is a hole through which the platform passes. From the first floor to the last, the platform brings meals to the prisoners. As it will immediately come back to mind, whereas the platform descends closer to “the pit”, food receives much less and fewer.

This is the first element that the director highlights: food is the semiotic sign of a particular logic that characterises the intention of the specific structure of the prison. The more the platform goes down, the much less food it brings therefore there’s a big difference between the varied prisoners. The detainees change cells each and every month. On the ultimate day, they are sent to sleep with gas and then awakened, at the start of the new month, inside a cell that can be among those destined to get extra food, or in the midst of those destined to a whole lack of supplies.

The Symbolism

Food is a form of symbolism of the conflict between people considering that it’s because of food or lack of it that men lose the light of reason. The imaginative and prescient of a “spontaneous solidarity”, as it’s described within the film; Presupposes that at every stage the food is eaten by caloric ration essential for every individual. The ideology that can be considered in the movie is the tragedy of the commons, the prisoner’s dilemma where individually each and every person’s incentive is self-serving, which is not right for society.

The Ideology

The ideology that can be seen in the movie is populism versus Marxism versus capitalism, and in hierarchy of needs, designing a society where all are behind this veil and don’t understand whether they are going to be rich or poor or what their natural capabilities are. Obviously,they wouldn’t want to take a chance on not knowing that’s not the kind of society that anybody would desire to stay in. Everyone loses human empathy just because they are in a fight for their own lives for survival and can’t afford to be self-actualized and have empathy because they don’t even have anything to eat.

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