Published By: Shriparna

How To Achieve Sleek Hair Without Unnecessary Heat Treatment

Getting hair that looks straight and gorgeous doesn’t always need heat treatment. Here are the other healthy way out!

Everyone loves sleek looking hair that needs no tying up and is perfect for every occasion. But the most convenient way available today are ironing rods and brushes that subject your hair to heat and straighten the hair strips breaking their natural bonds. Over time they result in hair fall and dry scalp and once you start using them every day even carefully styled hair looks rough.  If you are willing to embrace slightly wavy hair that bounces there are a few things that you can try without affecting your hair health.

Wrap your hair

Hair wrapping is another technique to get sleek hair where you have to tightly pin sections of hair around the opposite side of your head from where it naturally falls. This process is done for every section of hair and then they are secured with a satin turban before going to sleep. The tied-up hair is held overnight and gets the desired shape when untied in the morning. Remember to brush your hair with a fine-toothed comb before starting with the process.

Hair chemical products

Just like you have shampoo to clean hair, several hair products are meant to relax your hair, control the frizz and result in sleek looking straight hair. You can read about the chemicals used in these products and if you are not allergic to the components you can use them to get straight hair that lasts even after a wash.

Essential Oils

Hot oil massage with some hair products can result in calm and soft hair that is straight and tameable. Macadamia oil, coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil all enter the hair follicle and repair the cells from inside. They also add a sweet scent and gloss to the hair.

Roll with plastic roller

Using rollers is an age-old technique but simple and foolproof. If you divide you damp hair into sections and roll them over jumbo-sized plastic rollers, you can achieve slightly wavy hair with tons of volume. This technique is best suited for the ones with medium to longer length hair.

Sleep with wet hair

One of the easiest ways to get natural-looking straight hair is to sleep with wet hair.  Just tie it to in a lost ponytail and roll it like a bun and secure with a hair tie. Consider sleeping on satin pillowcase as this will cut down on friction and making your hair look straighter.

Be realistic in attaining hair goals. Styling your hair, a certain way every day will make them assume the shape you want but be careful enough to not damage your hair in that process.