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How to address traumas by recovering your inner child

Recovering my Inner-child from my adult persona was a process of gratitude.

Gratitude is what it all boils down to. We have to deeply understand what gratitude actually means. Since our childhood we keep on accumulating so many traumas that we even forget the roots of all these traumas!

But our inner child never forgets. No matter how hard we try to come up with a seasoned adult persona. Our inner child whispers from within, whenever we neglect those traumas and not work through them.

It was important for me to work through all that trauma and recover my inner-child from it. How did I do that? Here are the steps I followed:

Identifying triggers:

Once we identify what triggers us, instead of ignoring them and shielding the pain with our adult personas, we finally start the process of inner-child healing. It’s an utmost important process for all of us to retrieve our deep-rooted traumas and face them.

Go deep within:

Once we have identified our triggers we can now start the analyzing process. Empathy plays a major role here; we have to understand how we can go within our deep psyche and start working through the various hurts it has accumulated.

Work through hurtful memories:

Often our inner-child rattles us if we have deep rooted traumas associated with hurt and pain that we have experienced in our childhood. It becomes important for us to navigate these hurtful memories with clarity of mind and really understand them, where they stemmed from and then finally learn a lesson out of it to let all that hurt and pain go.

Learn a lesson:

Unless we understand the purpose of all that hurt and pain and what lessons these experiences had in store for us, we will never be properly able to work through all the issues associated with our inner child. It is important to not let our adult persona’s judgment stop us from really looking inwards and learning the lessons that we were meant to learn.

Let Go:

This is the final and most important step to follow. We have to learn how to let go! Once we have looked within and understood our traumas and triggers, healed through it and learned our lessons, we need to let go of those memories. We cannot hold on to them any longer. We might look back later on to these days and feel light, but momentarily we have to let go of all these hurts and pains that we have been carrying with us all along. This is how we can heal our inner child without our adult persona judging us.

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