How To Apply Blush Naturally Based On Your Face Shape

Every face structure needs different style of dabbing makeup on. Read on to find which one your face needs.

It can be challenging to master the art of applying makeup on one’s face. Spending much money on products is often necessary to get the best possible outcomes. However, inexpensive cosmetics are generally the best option if you struggle to apply your makeup correctly.

Heart Shape

As the name implies, the face of a person with a heart shape is formed like a heart. The chin is small and delicately pointed, whereas the rest of the face is broadest towards the forehead.The angular heart-shaped characteristics of the face can be made to look more natural by rounding off the sharper edges. This is because you may have assumed that your face is highly pointed. Apply blush from the outer ear to the outer edges of your eyes. Highlight your temples and the middle of your forehead with a contrasting shade. A hairline and jawline that are both the same width are aesthetically pleasing.

Oval Shape

Oval faces are characterized by a combination of features, including high cheeks and a forehead that is broader than the chin.Those with oval features should apply blush higher on the cheekbones to emphasize the curve of their face. Rather than putting the color in the hollow of the face, you want to put it just above the cheekbones. Doing this may make your jawline look higher and more robust.

Rectangular Face

Rectangular faces, which are longer and narrower than the average, resemble oval faces. The most notable variations between this iteration and its predecessor are the lengthened and narrowed look. Your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead will all be of similar proportions.

Round Face

When the length of an individual’s facial features is proportional to its breadth, we say that person has a round face. Its near-perfect roundness suggests that the cheekbones are more comprehensive than the chin and forehead, with the chin and forehead having around the same width.Matte bright pinks are an excellent option for most skin tones. Starting at the ear, work your way upward to the cheeks when applying blush to a square face. Get to the lips last for the most natural finish. Using a tiny bit of blusher on the chin and integrating it carefully can give the appearance of a longer face.

Square Face

Your cheekbones and chin are almost the same, giving you a squared face. To emphasize your high points, apply blush below your cheekbones, as previously advised. Having this will make them stand out. In addition, some people find that dabbing a little concealer around their hairline reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


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