How to avoid heartburn at night

Heartburn is a problem which is difficult to explain but the one suffers from it knows how painful it can be. Heartburn generally occurs when some food does not get digested properly or due to excessive acid reflux in the stomach.

Heartburn is a serious problem. It cause irritation in the stomach and makes the person suffer from excessive pain and heat in the stomach. It is the condition in which lot of acid produced in the stomach cause the person to live with heat in the tummy. It is a problem which generally occurs at night when you go to sleep after a meal. Here are few tips how one can avoid heartburn, especially at night.

Lose weight

Whenever you feel full and burning inside your heart, you should consider losing the weight. According to various research, if you can lose weight, even a few pounds, it can result in the decrease in the heartburn. When you lose cholesterol, the acid production in your body gets low and the food gets properly digested.

Sleeping position

A lot depends on the sleeping position. To prevent heartburn and acidity in your body, it is highly recommended to sleep on your left side. When you sleep on the right side, the chances of getting acidity are higher as compared to the left side. To remember this, just remember the quote right is wrong. Also, you should sleep in an upright position with your upper body elevated to reduce the risk of heartburn. This way, the acid remains down in the stomach.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is never good for your stomach. It might give you the required energy but if you are someone who gets heartburn attacks frequently, you should avoid caffienated drinks such as coffee, tea and carbonated drinks. After consuming a stomach full meal at night, you should walk for around 20 minutes before going to the bed so that good can be easily digested instead of consuming coffee or tea.

Wear lose clothes

When you wear tight clothes, your body might feel trapped and you can suffer from breathing problems. When acidity occurs, it is advisable to change to loose clothes so that your body doesn’t get much affected by it. While going to bed, change your normal clothes to a loose t shirt and pyjamas and do light stretching and walking before diving into the bed. These were some of the tips that you can use to avoid the problem of heartburn at night. Also, the best way is to keep track of what you are eating and avoid unhealthy food.

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