How To Avoid Heat-Related Illness

Tips to keep your body fit in summer days 

Summer is usually considered as the season of diseases. During these days, the extream heat and moist atmosphere encourages the virus and bacterias to reproduce more and spread faster. And as a result we can see so many viral and bacterial diseases during the summer days. Besides, excessive heat affects the human body to an extreme extent. Excessive heat causes so many physical issues like lack of water and lack of glucose in the body, high fluctuations of blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, fever, headache, invections and so on.

Here are some homely tips which can be effective in combating heat related illness, if followed properly.


cient water

The basic problem that occurs during the summer days is the lack of water in the body. Dehydration reaches a different level during those days. And lack of water leads to lack of glucose.

Hence one normal person needs to drink at least 4 ltr water per day to keep the body hydrated.

Glucose solution can also be used if there is a deficiency of glucose in the body.

Take bath atleast twice a day

Excessive heat leads to excessive tempered body. This concentrated heat should be eradicated. Moreover, there are so many germs, viruses and bacteria, which develop on the body using our sweat as a culture medium. Hence taking bath regularly is necessary to keep the body clean. That’s why it is necessary to take a bath at least twice a day.

Use non-basic hygienic soap

Non basic and hygenic soaps should be used during these days. Non basic hygienic soaps are more tindering and provide more softness to the skin. And these are also very effective in case of germ cleaning. And it is compulsory to keep the body clean to avoid any sort of infection which creates a lot of troubles and discomfort during the hot days.

Go out with an umbrella

If someone suffers from headache or blood pressure related issues, or even the normal people should use an umbrella while going outside in the sun to avoid dehydration and other ferocious effects of excessive heat. An umbrella, espeically cotton clothed umbrella works like a savior from the heat.

Eat light & homemade food

Excessive heat leads to indigestion and hence one should avoid eating streetfoods and junk foods during summer. It is best to have homemade less oily and less spicy light foods which are easily digestive. One should eat sufficient green vegetables to boost up the immunity level to protect the body.

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