How to avoid overcommitting in social and professional life

Too much on your plate? Decrease your appetite now!

Sometimes we expect too much from ourselves as we want to have the best expression of ourselves in front of others. This if continues over a period of time depletes our energy and distracts us from everything productive that we could have done with our time. This is also the reason why sometimes we fail to produce a higher quality of work.  So here’s how you can avoid overcommitting in both social and professional aspects of your life:

You are not irreplaceable- Sometimes people tend to hold themselves at a higher standard than the rest. This can give rise to a superiority complex that makes one feel invincible and capable of doing everything that is thrown their way. Hence they feel the need to say yes to all social gatherings, although there is probably  a pending project that was assigned to you to finish that weekend. You are not an irreplaceable person, others may miss you at an event but it can continue without you. Finish the task you said yes to first then move on to another.

It is okay to say “no”- It’s better to say no to a task or an event instead of taking it up and not keeping up to your word. People tend to get offended in such situations when they meet with rejection but eventually they will understand if you explain and have a valid reason to say know. People who are understanding will realise that you need time to finish other tasks and will provide you the space and time in your life.

Prioritize each task- If you need some social time with your friend and family, if it feels like a necessary break from work, make it a priority. This is a way to focus on one thing at a time. Once you have fulfilled this need you will have a fresh mind to work on other things. This will definitely uplift your mood and be a lot less stressful than overcommitting and suffering from a burn out.

Give yourself a break from it all- Sometimes when you have lately had a lot on your plate it’s best to have a “breather” break. This can be a time spent for self-care like a massage session or a reading session or something else of your choice. This will help you reassess your priorities and help set better goals for the near future instead of getting yourself stranded in an island of over commitment.

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