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How to avoid screen time of toddlers

It is impossible to prevent toddlers from using mobile phones these days. Parents always complain about how hard it is to keep children away from the use of mobiles, especially toddlers, for whom, it is new thing. However, it is important to reduce the screen time of toddlers as it directly affects their brain.

Here are few tips which will help you in avoiding screen time of toddlers.

Make use of sensory play

Sensory play encourages the toddler to learn through activities which enhances creativity, problem-solving, exploration and curiosity. It helps in developing the nervous system of children. Engage children in the activities like sound tubes, playing with food, swinging, play dough etc. It will help you to take your toddler away from screens of mobile phone or TV.

Make use of puzzles

Simple puzzle activity involves problem solving skills and developing finger strength. A child may pick up the puzzle, flip it, place it again in the place make use of fingers and enhance hand-eye coordination. Build a puzzle in front of your toddler then pick out one piece of the puzzle and ask him/her to place on the right place. These types of activities are interesting and children give their time and attention to complete a puzzle which eventually decreases their screen time.

Play the music and let them dance

When children are spending more time in front of the screen then music and dance are good options to enhance their creativity and imagination. Music engages the brain with words, sounds, and patterns and it is also effective for communication skills. Through music and dance children express their feelings just by jumping, laughing and imagining. Physical activities are stress buster and to overall good health.

Make use of board books with pictures

Board books are suitable for the toddlers as they are small and fit in their hands perfectly. This age group of children takes everything in their mouth for which also board books are safe. Bright colours and pictures in it attract children and helps make them learn and explore. Read out the rhymes and stories to your children everyday to make them habitual of reading books.

Let them paint using edible paint

Painting is an excellent form of expressing emotions for the children. Through painting they convey ideas, use their senses, explore colors, explore process of painting and show their creativity. It is extremely useful technique for the toddlers to enhance their skills and emotions. Give them edible paint because it is safe for the children and also easy to prepare at home.

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