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How to avoid Self-Doubt Sabotaging Your Career

Self-doubt eats into our brain and leaves us paralyzed!

Self-doubt gets us looped up into a vicious cycle. And it majorly harms our career, our family life, our relations, and our friendships, among other things. But when it comes to steering our career for better self-doubt cycle becomes poisonous. You know, when you plan to go for something that would better your prospects and then that little voice in your head whispers, “Why try, you are going to fail anyway” and bam, you give up. That’s the power of sabotage that self-doubt wields. Will you let that get to you? If not, then try these 7 easy steps to erase self-doubt and build on your confidence.

Try to replace any negative self-talk with positive affirmation, with bragging! It’s always the internal mind chatter that gets us and sabotages our life-choices. The mind-chatter is exceptionally harmful for your confidence, especially if you are trying your hands on something new. It will steer you away from any and all exciting endeavors in your life. Whenever you find yourself talking like that, you’d know that it’s TIME TO BRAG!

Cast away the feeling that tells you that you are not good enough! You are. What you feel is called “Imposter Syndrome”, and with women it is exceptionally common to feel that way when you are not feeling confident. Be aware. Get out of that feeling.

Always try to update yourself and learn something new everyday. One thing we have to wrap our heads around is that we all have scopes to do better, to learn something we didn’t know how to do when we started. We have to be open to such skillsets.

Do not obsess over perfection. Everything doesn’t always have to be perfect. It can be unique or just very good. This becomes difficult for some of us to accept. That is not to say we overlook faults, we have to be careful about them too. But there is a difference between obsessing over perfection and making sure a job is well done. The former often gets into the way of the latter.

“Rule of 3” can help you with decision-making. Focus on 3 essential things for your project. And then focus on three different options that will help you fulfill the 3 must-haves.

You have to take in negative feedback with an open heart. Once you accept them and rectify them, without judging yourself, you can easily avoid self-doubt getting in your way to success.

A failure is the first step to success. Don’t get stuck sulking into your failure. Pull yourself together and try again.

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