How to Avoid Toxic Dieting?

Toxic diet culture not merely stunts wellbeing and physical growth but meddles with self-esteem by triggering body-images issues, self-consciousness and guilt

We often tend to develop a narrow, rigid and black and white perspective about diet and the way it moulds our bodies. This yields less positive results and rather adds more to tormenting and self-deprecating thoughts about food choices and self-worth.

Weed Out Social Media Toxicity: The unrealistic body images and fitness goals that social media circulates plummets self-belief and insinuates unrealistic expectations from one’s body and daily diet. The platforms are crowded by self-proclaimed fitness experts and influencers who ignite diet fads and unimaginable fitness goals. You unconsciously ingrain wellness terminology aggravating the negatives of poor dieting. While nobody takes the onus of responsibility once the negative consequences of toxic diet culture starts showing, beginners or budding diet enthusiasts fall prey to this consumerist culture.

Join A Healthy Diet Fraternity: Once you install barriers to resist unhealthy diet talks, you pave way for a fulfilling and encouraging diet that does not value thinness, appearance and body shape above health. Unlike toxic diet culture, this group will help you identify issues with negative self-talk and labels irrational diet plans often put on foods. Being part of a healthy diet regimen eliminates the nagging feeling of guilt and shame after eating beyond stipulated quota or indulging in delicious dishes.

Do Not Follow All-Or-Nothing Rule: The disordered approach towards food consumption that pushes you towards extremes of healthy and unhealthy eating habits does little to regulate body shape. Set realistic and easily achievable diet goals. This will help you advance without unleashing negative emotions or anxiety about failing to tick off major, record-breaking goals. Allowing yourself little rewards after pulling off incremental diet changes can be nourishing to both body and mind.

Say No to Fad: Diet trends are detrimental to mind and body. Endless consumption of such content or an unflinching adherence to such diet trends results in eating disorders, poor immunity and metabolism, anorexia, nutritional deficiency, stress and muscle atrophy. You are constantly fed with an endless loop of wrong information pertaining to diet, such as carbs should be totally shunned, supplements will lead to weight loss, weight loss is a linear process etc. Ill-informed choices or whimsical following of diet trends subjects the body to dehydration, weakness, vitamin deficiency and bouts of nausea. Conducting research on the various diet myths to dig out the facts is important to prevent giving in to absurd fitness expectations.

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