Published By: Sougata Dutta

How To Be A Good Comedy Actor? A Few Tips From The Legends

Learn how to make people laugh!

Acting is one of the most important and influential arts. Among all artists, movie artists are the most popular. That is why the competition among artists is also high. And every year thousands of actors enter this market to struggle for opportunities in movies. As a result climbing the ladder of success is not very easy. That's why self-practice is necessary in addition to traditional training.

When it comes to character acting, comedy actors are considered by most artists to be the most difficult to portray than any other type of character. And so they need to make some preparations separately for it. We have observed some keys to success from the life of famous comedy actors and based on that mentioning some tips for aspiring comedy actors.

Learn method acting

To be a realistic actor, it is always preferred to learn method acting. But, it is more essential for the comedy actors as they need to get completely into the character and deliver the performance with 100% appropriate expression. Method acting helps a lot to work on character development.

Push the level of Sense of humour 

If you don’t have a good level of humour, you won’t be able to deliver a comedy content with proper punch, irrespective of your acting skill. A fabulous actor with a poor sense of humour is just a nutshell for comedy acting. So, it’s necessary to increase the level of humour to be a good comedy actor. Experiencing life, watching more and more comedy content, and reading versatile literature can be helpful in this case.

Learn expression building

Expression is a very crucial part of comedy acting. The comical punch gets delivered to the audience through expressions. Appropriate expression with sequence is a prime requirement for comedy acting.

Don't laugh, make people laugh

The main task of a comedy actor is to make people laugh. but in some cases, we can find that the actor starts laughing while shooting a scene. If it is necessary to deliver laughter in the sequence, then it's okay. But, if not, then the actor's laughing expression reduces the level of comical punch.

Don't just depend upon the script

Following a script like a parrot is not a correct approach for the comedy actors. They should read the situation, get into the character and place the dialogues with a very natural flow and with their own words. It should look like a real incident, not some scripted one, to generate the humorous punch.