How To Be An Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to perceive and process emotions.

People with high emotional intelligence quotient can easily interpret emotions of both their selves as well as others. This helps them to choose their actions wisely in order to bring about favorable outcomes. Being a leader with high emotional intelligence quotient not only helps boosting the motivation of the team members but also helps in resolving conflict. Here’s how you can be an emotionally intelligent leader.


Self-awareness is the first step to building up your emotional intelligence. Being aware of your thoughts, feelings, behavior and personality is all about. The more you understand yourself better, the more you’ll be able to figure out situations that trigger certain emotions and values in you. This will in turn help you realize if the values of your workplace resonate with yours satisfactorily.

Figure Out the Emotions of Others

This step is hard but it will bring you closer to being an emotionally intelligent leader. Part of having a high emotional intelligence quotient is to be aware of the feelings and emotions of others. Try to figure out the triggers of other people around you and act accordingly. Identify the moods of the members of your team and manage them accordingly.

Manage Your Emotions Too

Don’t get carried away or overwhelmed by your emotions and mood. If you are not particularly feeling at the top of your game on a certain day, give yourself a break. This will prevent you from unnecessarily bashing your team members and ruining their day too. Emotional intelligence begins with understanding and handling yourself. Figure out what helps in lifting your mood up and do accordingly.

Improve Communication Skills

Talking helps. As a leader, you must have great communicating and influencing skills. It is your duty to identify the emotional state of your team members. If you find someone who is in a low mood or having a bad day, communicate with them and influence them in a way that would turn their day and mood around. Help them process their emotions as well through good communication.

Know What is Important

In the sea of deadlines and targets, we often forget what the most important thing is for individuals. Understand what is important to you and your team members in terms of emotions and steer your actions accordingly.

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