How to be happy in less than a minute.

Bad day? Feeling blue? Don’t worry; follow these tips for being happier in less than a minute.

Our whole life is spent in the pursuit of happiness. Our small, big decisions are a way of achieving that ultimate prize of happiness. But many say that happiness is a state of mind; you could be in a major slump or crisis of life but still, experience a ray of happiness. So, should we not work toward finding the ultimate bliss? No, we are no arguing about which happiness is real and worth pursuing but instead finding nuggets of happiness instantly whenever you feel sad or blue. Here are some of the quick tips that can make you a bit happier in a minute or less.

Eat chocolate.

You can never go wrong with this one. One bite into the deliciousness of chocolate, and your heart instantly sings. Don’t believe us; even science says the same, chocolate is a natural mood enhancer. Apart from decaying your teeth, chocolate is not harmful. So, whenever you feel “Bleh”, just bite into the gooey goodness for instant endorphins.


A smile is an instant mood enhancer. Whenever your mind starts the trail of negative scenarios and problems, you are facing, then shut him down by smiling. Think of a memory, or an outing or even a conversation that brought a genuine smile to your face. Remember, smiling can give you an instant kick of energy and happiness.

Smell something nice.

Do you know why scented candles are such a rage nowadays? It is because a nice fragrance can instantly make us happy and lift our gloomy thoughts and mood in an instant. Aromatherapy really helps you beat a bad day. If you don’t have scented candles, then smelling anything pleasant can calm you down. That can be perfume or even your favourite flowers.

Remember, you are blessed.

You should try to count your blessing once a day for a happier life. We, humans, are always after something unreachable, intangible all our lives, forgetting important things, things that really matter. If you can’t think of even one good thing in your life, just sit down and write out the things that you have and many people don’t have. Now, read that list again and again. You would realize that you have so much to be thankful for, and that would make you happier and content at the same time.

So, don’t let the rut of life snatch the smile off your face. You are worth that smile!

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