How to Beat Lethargy Out Of Your Routine

10 clever ways in which you can reclaim your energy and keep away from being lethargic.

Our modern lifestyle makes us dread going to work. Getting up from bed is a Herculean challenge, and energy levels are at an all-time low.  We take help of energy boosters and caffeine to have momentary charge and then get back to sleep over the laptop. It’s high time we quit sulking and get back on our feet with an excellent healthy routine that will reset us to wake up with infinite energy level!

Step away from caffeine-

Even though your coffee might be the most motivating drink you relish in a day, more than two cups can affect your respiratory system and stimulate cardiac ailments. If drinking a cup of coffee makes you feel awake, try drinking one glass of water instead. It will flush out your caffeine and keep yourself fresh.

Do not skip Breakfast-

Busy day leads to rushing to work and overlooking the first meal. Leaving your stomach hungry for a long stretch after dinner leads to an improper diet pattern and will make you feel sleepy most of the time. A healthful breakfast will keep you energetic and at your best throughout your day.

Switch to yoga-

Not all yoga poses need a yoga mat and a lot of time out from your hectic schedule. Simply begin your day by deep breathing and sustaining a good posture. If possible, then practice touching your toes at least 10 times before leaving for work. If you live nearby, then walk instead of taking a cab. Such healthy changes will keep you from dropping off to sleep.

Give yourself time to cope-

You have to understand you are a human being, and you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. You cannot neglect your sound sleep and complain about being lethargic in your day. Make sure you don’t overburden yourself with work and take rest to overcome your fatigue.

Don’t get too indulged in electronic gadgets-

Our daily life made us too indulged in technology, and we have set them up everywhere, including our bedrooms. Straining our eyes with screen and listening to music all day can keep our minds from resting. This will leave you with insomnia and hence leave you tired all day.

Avoid overfeeding at night-

Having an overfilling dinner leads to slow digestion and increases your blood sugar levels. If you continue having a carb-filled meal, you will spend the next day recovering energy and keeping a slow pace. Make sure you keep it light with healthy salads and curd to help your digestion.

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