How to build a habit for drinking water

Build a habit to moisturize your body from the inside out!

Drinking enough water for optimal health is not a new fact to munch on. But the tight schedules and unhealthy habits that we take up as we grow makes it difficult to consume as much water as necessary. Hence to maintain a good electrolyte balance, promote healthy cells and good skin, digestion, it is necessary to follow a ritual and develop a healthy habit of drinking adequate water. Here are a few tips for the same:

How much fluid is necessary for the body?

It is essential to understand how much water is necessary for your body to function at an optimal condition. In general around 1920 ml water, around 80 cups is required for daily consumption of an adult. If the climate is hot where you reside, or you are prone to exercise quite a lot every day you may require more than this. Now, you can divide this amount of water in several small bottles and consume them throughout the day.

Replace sodas with water:

Energy drinks, sodas, slurpees and others can be dangerous to people having a diabetic condition. It is best to replace these drinks with water. You can add a few pieces of lemon for added flavour and carry it with you. This will put you in a habit of getting rid of sugary drinks from your daily diet and increase water consumption.

One glass before every meal:

Remember the sudden hunger pangs at midday after a full blown lunch you just had? Yes, sometimes the body registers thirst as hunger and you can fall victim to this. So, whenever you feel hungry drink a glass of water and then go for a snack. This will limit your hunger pangs and even help you keep your appetite within proper control besides building a habit of drinking water regularly.

Try mixing it up:

Since you are probably used to consuming sodas, flavoured shakes and other forms of fluid when you feel thirsty, drinking water is not the first thing that comes to mind. Human brain is a creature of habit. There are water bottles that come with fruit infusers and these are very handy. Get one for yourself and add your favourite berries to the infuser and fill the bottle. You are more likely to reach for this next time rather than buying a can of cold soda.

Try all of these tips together to ensure that you build various sets of habits to incorporate more water in your daily fluid consumption.

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