Published By: Satavisha

How To Care For Air Plants: Find Out What They Need To Sustain

These trendy and fun plants do not require soil to thrive, but they certainly require a little attention.

Searching for a unique house plant that can add charm to your green collection? Try growing an air plant! These strange-looking plants can add quirk to your home display, and they are popular for being low-maintenance. You can grow them anywhere in your house since they don’t need soil to grow. This guide will help you grow and care for these stunning tropical plants. Read on to explore!

Avoid prolonged and direct exposure to light.

Air plants are commonly seen growing on other trees and large plants, underneath the forest canopy. Hence, these plants are habituated to receiving medium to bright indirect light. Avoid exposing your air plant to prolonged and direct sunlight as it might burn its delicate leaves.

Water requirement

Air plants need regular watering to sustain indoors. Since these tropical houseplants grow without soil, their watering method and requirements are slightly different from the watering needs of other houseplants. Ideally, you can water most air plants using a soaking method, where you leave the plant in a bowl to soak in distilled water for almost 20 to 40 minutes once a week. However, some species of air plants require regular misting. To determine the suitable watering method, you should identify the species of air plant you own.

Suitable environment

Environment plays a key role in determining the kind of care your air plants need. If you are from a place with a drier climate, you should water your plant more frequently or at least mist it every day in between soaks. But if you have placed your plant in a corner or a balcony where they receive ample humidity from the air, you can water them less.

Air requirement

Another crucial variable that your air plants need is air! These odd-looking plants require clean and fresh air circulation to sustain and nurture. After watering, it is significant for the plants to be exposed to abundant air circulation, to ensure they dry within four hours. While these plants thrive well in containers, it would be best if you avoid displaying them in enclosed vessels. Also, completely dry the plants before placing them back into the container, or it might hinder air circulation. If your plants are placed near A/C vents, they will require frequent watering, or they might dry out.

Without further ado, get these quirky plants home!